Cerec Vita Inceram

Vita In-ceram is the leading all ceramic restorative material and has been used throughout the UK for more than 14 years with very successful long term clinical outcomes.

Different treatment will require different characteristics from the material. Vita In Ceram family of core and enamel ceramics combined with CEREC milling process provides a flexible choice to enable the perfect restoration to be produced.

Using Cerec Vita In-Ceram means…….

VITA In-Ceram

The most translucent of the In-Ceram family making it ideal for anterior work where aesthetics are a premium and compound strength less critical. The combination of high stability, good chemical resistance, high translucency and biocompatibility has made spinell a winning formula with dentists.

Versatile Material

VITA In-Cerem

This is the most widely used and versatile material in the VITA In-Ceram family, due in part to its high usage flexibility. This material perfectly combines strength and translucency for most indications. Alumina is a naturally occurring mineral with excellent bio-compatibility.

VITA In-Ceram

With around 600mpa of flexural strength VITA In-ceram Zirconia is indicated for crowns and bridges where bite occlusal stress of the restoration is likely to be high or where longer span bridges are required.

VITA In-Ceram

VITA In-Ceram YZ is the latest development to come from VITA. Yttrium stabilised Zirkonoxide has proved to be the strongest all ceramic dental material available, but with no compromise on aesthetics. The translucency of SPINNELL with the advantages of the strength of metal. It has earned its reputation as “CERAMIC STEEL”.